Friday, April 16, 2010

Nathan is Inducted Into the National Elementary Honor's Society

This morning my son, Nathan, was honored with initiation into the National Elementary Honor's Society. It was exciting to get to see him accept this honor along with other students from his school. It is the first ceremony of its kind at his school. Just had to brag a bit!

There were a lot of girls but only a handful of guys, and my little man was one of them! Go Nathan!!

My plans for the weekend are varied and I hope to make progress on several things!
* Fishing with the hubby
* Cleaning out closets -- this weekend I need to get all the kids' closets done
* Sewing -- I MISS YOU!!!!
* Plan for blog posts for next week -- I am DETERMINED to get more on here! I have so much to say but failing to plan is causing me to fail!
* Work on an upcoming get together
* I really, REALLY want to try cooking Paremsan Crusted Chicken -- it looks delicious and will be the first recipe I'm trying off my phone's cookbook app! (photo courtesy of

What are your plans for the weekend? Trying anything new?