Thursday, October 22, 2009

Moxie -- as in That Girl Has Moxie

Moxie. It's an old fashioned word but sometimes there are ladies who can only be described by this term. I must tell you a short story about my 8 year old, Lily-Cate. Lily-Cate is a shorty -- she only stands about an inch taller than her 6 year old sisters. Despite her smallish stature, she arrived in this world full of spunk and independance. At 8 months old she was walking and by 10 months old she literally could climb onto my table, and swing on my chandelier.

Our church had a short six-week "Basketball Fundamentals" for the kiddos. Lily-Cate is very athletic and wanted to go. When we arrived, there were only boys. She didn't care and insisted she still wanted to play. When I went to pick her up, she was crying. "I couldn't get the ball in the hoop." "The boys wouldn't give me the ball." Among many other things. I did my best to comfort her and listen. I assumed, naturally, that the child would not want to go back, and because it wasn't a sport we signed up for I wasn't going to force her to.

Fast forward to the next week. "Lily-Cate they have other studies tonight. I'm sure we can find one you'll like." And my short-stuff, my itty bitty girl says, "What are you talking about? I'm playing basketball." I was absolutely floored.

This whole thing has gotten me really thinking about living life with MOXIE. Talk about courage, spunk, independance and power! Now I have not looked MOXIE up in Webster's okay? I am using my own definition here of a term I use often to describe women I admire.

I learned a lesson from my little 8 year old, who turns out to be quite big after all. I can't tell you how proud I am of her. I also want to make sure that I live my life, and make my decisions with that same amount of MOXIE!

I do not have a picture of Lily-Cate playing basketball. But here is one of her playing hind-catcher on her softball team this past season. She is one of the smallest on her team but plays her heart out.

Here are some other ladies that I admire for their MOXIE:

Katherine Hepburn. Wow what an awesome lady! Talk about being independant. If you have never read her autobiography "ME", you certainly should. She made her own rules in a time when it was not nearly as accepted for a woman to be so dauntingly independant.

Sharon Stone. I love how no matter what she's doing, she has that "take it or leave it" look written all over her face. I wish I could walk with such grace while at the same time saying "forget you" to all who don't approve.

Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher was the United Kingdom's first woman prime minister. She held the office of PM for 11 years -- longer than anyone in the 20th century. Thatcher shored up a Conservative-led government, favored privatization rather than government expansion, led the country through the Falklands War with Argentina, and did it all with a stern no-nonsense flair that earned her the nickname "The Iron Lady." (courtesy of

Michelle Obama. Whether you agree with their politics or not, the Obamas are a driving force in America today. You cannot deny their charisma and charm. Michelle carries herself with such dignity and grace! no account of women with MOXIE would be complete without her.

There are many other women in my life that have influenced the woman I am today. I salute you all and thank you for living life with power, independance, and courage. Lord let me live my life with MOXIE.

What women inspire you with their MOXIE? What do you need to change in order to live your life with more MOXIE?? It can only go UP from here ladies! - Les (TTTQ)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What To Say....

I have wavered between creating a blog and convincing myself that I have nothing relevant to post for some time now....Curiosity finally got the best of me and I decided to give it a whirl...

Some of my fondest memories are of summer days spent crafting with my Nanny (my gramma). We embroidered pillow cases, dresses, just whatever we could find. As a child I loved to create. Short stories, cross stitch, needlepoint, anything I could get my hands on. Slowly, the stress of being a "grown up", paying bills, and being responsible choked all the creative energy right out of me!

It was only after finding some long lost friends that grown up me started searching for that creative side again. Surprisingly, it has returned faster than I thought. My mother blessed me with a sewing machine and I have taken off. It started out as a venture to create cute outfits for my girls, but it is quickly overtaking my world!

My current projects are July 4th outfits (yes I am cutting it close) and a super duper, top secret custom gift for a friend who is getting married July 11. Please stay tuned for pictures and let me know what you think! As the crickets chirp, and the frogs croak outside my window tonight, I will be working away at my sewing table. My husband and boys are all gone this week, working a fireworks stand that we do every December and July. It is the perfect time to strow all my craft paraphanalia from here to yonder, and play, play, play. If anyone cares to join me, I've got sweet tea on ice, Ritz crackers and cheese, and plenty of tunes!